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Tanaka Clinic

Kamakura hase annex

This annex office provides clinical services such as homecare (house calls) and referring hospitals for non-speaking Japanese people who reside in the Shonan area. We provide healthcare services in English.

Homecare (house calls) is for patients who need to be taken care of at home. We are able to refer patients to hospitals which include the expertise of modalities such as functional MRI, MRA, and 3d-CT, PET-CT, MTCD-CAG, and dynamic VCT.
As soon as we obtain your particular questions and explanations of your medical conditions what it is, its symptoms, how it is diagnosed, available treatment options, prevention suggestions and other relevant information via Email. Then house calls get started, we focus on your problem, take physical examinations and make a decision including whether or not you need for further examinations or hospitalizations, we obtain important referral information for patients, we strongly encourage referring hospitals to submit referrals such as Tokushu-Kai-Shonan Kamakura General Hospital which is one of the best international hub hospital in Asia and Pacific Ocean.

In addition, our office provides a medical information directory such as graphics, texts, quoted information and online databases via internet prior you going to the referring hospitals. You and your family will be able to consider anything in the field of medicine and welfare in Japan.

We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We can be reached via email or telephone. Please feel free to contact us. Email enquiries will be answered within 24 hours.

Please get in touch with us

PHR(Personal health record)


PHR(Personal health record) systems are a subject of interest in the move to improve health care accessibility and quality. So far, the security and privacy of the personal health record has not been completed yet through e-mail or web even though ID and PW provided via secured https. Please pay attention to some limits of PHR via Internet before you use and join. We should differentiate between the accessibility of PHR and the way to access to PHR at present.

You might be able to write the focused problem and the information below listed;

  • : Your name, birth date, blood type and emergency contact
  • : Dates and results of test and screenings
  • : Major illnesses and surgeries, with dates
  • : Any allergies
  • : Any history of illnesses in your family
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